Why You Should Consider Paying Candidates to Interview

When you interview job candidates, you’re paid for your time, either as part of your salaried duties or an actual hourly rate. Job candidates not only do it for free, but they also take time off work (often unpaid), hire babysitters, pay for transportation, and maybe even buy a new interview suit. Paul Taylor, Executive Director at Food Share in Toronto, announced that his company would pay candidates $75 for an interview for their time.



This is not traditional at all, but it’s a brilliant move that you might want to consider–especially if you’re struggling to get candidates. Here’s why:

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  1. Even if the applicant doesn’t meet present needs or wants the job offered, half the problem of the paperwork if another opening occurs is done, plus it does make the applicant feel appreciated by this company as a real person rather than just a number. It may be a positive smart move by this company to get a wider field of applicants.

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