Employees Struggle With Inflation. CEO Responds With Tone-Deaf Email

If your employees are trying to survive under constant inflation, what’s the best thing to do? Howard University Hospital CEO Anita L.A. Jenkins chose to give helpful budget-saving tips to her employees, sending out an email to staff. The email was posted to Reddit’s r/nursing subreddit, and it has some good points:

Jenkins writes:

At Howard University Hospital, I want you to understand that we are carefully managing our dollars. Now more than ever, we must be conscious of what materials we buy and how much we spend. We must also be careful with our current hospital resources…we must be prudent with the resources that we have.”

If she had left it at that, it would have been fine, but she went a step further and gave tips on how employees could save money at home. Registered Nurse and activist, Sarah Warren, shared her thoughts about how Jenkins went too far.

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4 thoughts on “Employees Struggle With Inflation. CEO Responds With Tone-Deaf Email

  1. Yeah, it is pretty tone deaf. Many hospital employees are notoriously underpaid. Better approaches might have been offering some type of help to employees, such as: seeking discounts for them at local businesses, providing gift cards to gas stations and grocery stores, providing counseling regarding budgeting, saving, etc.

  2. Seriously, this is almost as bad as the one put out by McDonalds the last time there was a downturn in the economy. That one urged employees to take a second job to make ends meet.

  3. RN since 1991 and currently working as a package handler because I will no longer tolerate what nurses and front-line staff are expected to put up with. Hospitals are being run into the ground by useless, do-nothing, obscenely-overpaid MBAs, including the above idiot. Working conditions are miserable, many nurses are getting out and patients are suffering but “leadership” doesn’t care as long as they get paid. It’s a sad commentary on my profession that I’m treated better as a factory worker than when I was a nurse.

  4. That sort of flippant advice is used as filler material in every magazine, newspaper, and newsy broadcast. The idea that anyone is so disconnected and dense that they need to be informed of it is, as you say, outrageously condescending. That’s as ridiculous as informing someone who is overweight that they need to eat less and exercise more, as if that advice could possibly come as a pleasant surprise.

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