MrBeast Hiring Only “People Who Grew up on YouTube”

With more than 100 million subscribers to his main YouTube Channel, Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, can afford a staff, which he has.

So, when you are young, and your target audience is young, you want a young staff! Right? How could old people (defined legally as people over 40) possibly bring to your company what you need?

At least, that’s the message in this recruiting video from MrBeast:

To keep reading and watch the video, click here: MrBeast Hiring Only “People Who Grew up on YouTube”

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4 thoughts on “MrBeast Hiring Only “People Who Grew up on YouTube”

  1. Yep, makes me want to apply just to NOT get hired. In fact, if compensatory damages were recoverable in Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) cases, there probably would be some litigation-minded people 40 years of age or older doing just that.

  2. Then, in a few years, he’s going to be surprised when YouTube isn’t relevant but TikTok, or some other newfangled video app is the big thing, leaving him in the dust.

  3. When he ages up and becomes obsolete to the upcoming younger generation, we older generations can nod and comment the OK to deal with it. Think of it as the reverse comment of OK Boomer back to the era that made that comment, now that they are facing that same response from the younger generation behind them. He won’t realize how wrong he was in limiting his view of “acceptable” workers even when it hits him in the face. Get the tiny violins ready to play in sympathy.

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