Study: Women in the Corner Office Did This to Get There

The number of women in leadership positions is growing. However, according to a study published by MIT Sloan Management Review, men still outnumber women almost three to one in the top 100 places in Fortune 100 companies.

But, what’s interesting is how the women in those positions got there, and it’s something pretty straightforward that you can do as well to boost your careers.

They quit.

That’s right.

It turns out that women executives changed companies more often than their male counterparts and arrived in senior roles two to four years faster than men.

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One thought on “Study: Women in the Corner Office Did This to Get There

  1. I’m kind of surprised that organizations that provide tuition reimbursement don’t — almost automatically — reward those earning a new degree with promotions and raises. Isn’t the purpose of such programs to increase employees’ skills and abilities? But, yes, workplaces that stringently limit raises — as misguided cost savings — don’t seem to realize that they are incentivizing their best workers to look elsewhere for better opportunities.

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