How Not to Treat Your Employees During a Hurricane

Hurricanes give you plenty of warning before they hit land and wreak havoc. It’s not like an earthquake where you get no warning. There have been warnings with Hurricane Ian, including evacuation orders. You should pay attention.

People should follow these orders, and safety should always come first–ahead of profits. But some people don’t think through their actions or are focused more on the bottom line than on keeping their employees alive and safe and acknowledging that even if the storm doesn’t destroy the whole town, evacuating is a traumatic experience all on its own.

Here are two mistakes leaders made.

1. Say the media is scaremongering.

The Washington Post reports on PostcardMania CEO Joy Gendusa, who told her employees that the storm was going to be a “nothingburger,” and that while she wanted employees to “feel safe and comfortable,” she also wanted everyone to keep producing.

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  1. This woman is getting a TON of negative press. Deservedly so. Especially in the current job market, I wouldn’t be surprised if every one of her employees isn’t out looking for another job.

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