Twitter Is Rehiring People Fired On Friday. Why It’s Mostly Normal

Elon Musk is looking to rehire some of the people he just notified on Friday. As people laugh about his incompetence in firing people that, it turns out, Twitter still needs some of.

While this makes for good jokes, and it does look horrible, it also is very typical. Twitter did move way too fast (I’ll explain below), but here’s why rehiring is normal.

Employees prepare when layoffs are announced.

Musk announced he would be laying people off as soon as he took control of Twitter. If you have a mortgage, two kids with braces, and a payment on your Tesla, by golly, you’re going to start looking for a new job.

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2 thoughts on “Twitter Is Rehiring People Fired On Friday. Why It’s Mostly Normal

  1. Normal, no way. The so-called “New Normal”? Maybe. But, I’d have to be pretty freaking desperate to go back to a place that treats its employees so badly, and may be in a death spiral itself. Reportedly, all of the layoffs were done via email or text. However, some employees — again reportedly — learned of their termination before receiving either, when they could no longer access their online work accounts. One doesn’t have to be a genius to realize that laying off half your workforce, including entire departments, before even attempting to analyze the effects, would end up eliminating essential employees and crippling the company.

  2. It is normal when a large company, or even a medium or small company, is taken over that everyone in the company is terminated and has to reapply to the new company for their jobs. This is essentially what Elon Musk did, albeit not in a smooth way. He would have been better off taking a more traditional way. Bottom line is, it’s his company. He can screw it up if he wants.

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