Problems with Authority

I work at a small, privately owned company of 15 people. I am third in the chain of command. Our CEO/owner is near retirement and at this point in his career is really only acting as a figurehead. My direct boss has just put in his notice, and now I am in the odd position of having to hire myself a new boss, since I, not the CEO, will be the one training this person. The CEO has already made it clear that I am not ready for the promotion. I’m fine with that, but how do I make sure that the boss is the right fit?

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One thought on “Problems with Authority

  1. Maybe I missed it, but the new boss will be everybody’s boss, not just the person who is tasked with this project, and so it would seem that gathering input from all the employees about what they would prefer and not prefer would be a necessary step in the process.

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