DisruptHR: Why We Need Live Music in the Office

I love that DisruptHR is back all over the world. I was supposed to speak at this DisruptHR in Zurich, but I lost my voice and couldn’t do it!

Sadly, I missed the event, but I wanted to share this talk from my friend, Dr. Brett Simner.

Music is super important to me. And there is nothing better than live music. If people are back in the office, this is an idea that can help with morale.

What do you think? Practical? Impractical?

Why We Need Live Music in the Workplace | Dr. Bret Simner | DisruptHR Talks from DisruptHR on Vimeo.

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13 thoughts on “DisruptHR: Why We Need Live Music in the Office

  1. I love music, and honestly believe it improves everything. However, in our Agency, we regularly receive EEO complaints from employees complaining about the music being played at work, either by management or coworkers, or that they’re not being allowed to play their choice of music. It’s really hard to find a musical genre agreeable to everyone.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. That’s why the concert would need to happen in a designated space with a program that varies to different tastes.

  2. I think my answer would include words like ‘insane.’ No one will ever agree on what music to play.

  3. TL;DR: Impractical and improbable

    So before I listened to the video I thought you were saying it should be playing all day and I thought, this is insane. I like a wide variety of music, but what I need to listen to depends on the type of work I’m doing.

    Then I watched the video and thought, neat idea with these caveats: the business would have to have the appropriate space; it’s encouraged but totally voluntary; the type of music is varied, etc.

  4. The music I’d choose would be chosen by no one else, ever. And the music others choose is like fingernails in a chalkboard to me. I say Nay.

    1. Perfect! The program could vary. If you didn’t like the music of the week, it would be out of sight, out of mind!

  5. Good grief, no.

    Even a radio in the office is a disruptive nightmare. People don’t all like the same music. People are on calls. People are trying to concentrate.

    If you want to listen to music while you’re working, fine; USE HEADPHONES.

    1. Im suggesting a concert with programs that would vary. No one wants a string quartet playing next to their desks! This would need happen in a designated space.

      1. With all of the kinds of music that exist in the world, and I’m talking about not the very most niche, what makes you think that a work place would be able to come up with something that would attract staff even once a month?

        And how do you prevent people from being pressured to show up to particular types of concerts? Like this week’s concert is X-Ethnicity folk music. And some people are not fond of that type of music, but if they don’t show up, they will be branded racist. Not good. But on the other hand, you don’t want to avoid all folk or ethnic music (assuming groups that actually are appropriate and some of your staff would like it).

  6. Live music has ZERO to do with “music you enjoy”.

    As for “minimal cost” what universe does this man live in? $1,200 (close to what 1,200 francs is) is not “minimal”, especially if you are talking once a week. Beyond that, how many employers actually HAVE an appropriate space?

    And that’s on top of the fact that in any somewhat diverse workplace, you will be very lucky if you can get something for everyone once a month, or even 90%

    The essential idea may not be nuts, but the way it’s being sold makes me very skeptical that he really has any solid backing for the supposed benefits. Sure, do something brave. That should NOT mean stupid or out of touch with reality.

  7. Thanks for your perspective! The point here is that there’s flexibility. It need not be every week or every month. However, as a Juilliard-trained musician and teacher, Om sure of the benefits!

  8. I mean… we don’t have free coffee in our office, or bottled water. Can’t see us ever expensing live music.

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