Leadership Lessons from Acting in a Christmas Play

“No one is allowed to give notes to anyone else,” Basel English Panto Director Sarah Thomforde explained to our group of amateur actors. While my professional actor friend assures me this is standard in the theater–the last thing you want is a bunch of people running around acting like they are directors–I hadn’t been in a play since high school when I played an unnamed chorus member in our school’s production of Bye Bye Birdie and didn’t know the expectations.

This simple direction set clear guidelines for what was and was not acceptable and kept the team focused on achieving success. It was one of the many leadership lessons I learned while acting as the Fairy in Little Red Riding Hood. Here are four more lessons.

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And here are some more pictures

Granny (Amy Brice) and Little Red Riding Hood (Briar McCall). Photo courtesy Christophe Caebonel
The Three Pigs (Connor Francome, Lara Jegge, and Timothy Kilchenmann) build their houses. Photo courtesy Christophe Caebonel
Jill (Abigail Carbonel) and Jack (Sebastian Buhl) help Dame Robyn Hood (Stephen Oliver).
Photo courtesy Christophe Caebonel.
Little Red Riding Hood (Briar McCall) and the Big Bad Wolf (Miriam Cohn). Photo courtesy Stephen Oliver

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