It’s the day of love and blah, blah, blah, or to quote Employment Attorney Dan Schwartz, “Each year, send a reminder to your employees with a copy of the harassment policy. And be sure to do the sexual harassment prevention training to your new employees as required under various state laws.”

Ahhh love, HR style.

Dan shared this particular Valentine’s theme lawsuit where “an employee received a large red Valentine card reading, “On Valentine’s Day, remember — candy is dandy … but sex won’t rot your teeth! So what do you say!”

In honor of this holiday that we should probably all dread, here are some Valentine’s posts from days past:


Happy Valentine’s Day: Tales of Harassment Horror at Work:


Those protective suits firefighters wear apparently, come off. All the way off. New firefighter Gordon Springs and three other new firefighters showed up at the fire station and got to know their co-workers way better than they expected to. The New York Post reports:

“A black FDNY rookie expecting a warm welcome at his new firehouse was instead sexually hazed and humiliated by a band of naked firefighters, according to a shocking federal discrimination lawsuit.”

Happy Valentine’s Day: These Jobs Increase Your Chances of Divorce


Do you notice something different between the two groups? It seems that jobs that require higher levels of education are more stable in terms of marriage. This is not to say you should choose your profession based on the probability of divorce, but it is to say that blue collar jobs appear to need special care.

Have you found love at the office?


  • 19 percent of men reported instances of “random hookups” with colleagues, compared to 12 percent of women

  • 17 percent of women report that office romances led to “long-term relationships”, compared to just 11 percent of men

  • 20 percent of women have dated a supervisor, while only 9 percent of men have dated their boss

  • 25 percent of men have dated a subordinate while only 10 percent of women have dated their subordinate

10 Ways to Show Your Employees You Love Them


Valentine’s Day is here, and love is in the air. And what better way to make your employees happy and productive than to declare your love for them? Not that kind of love–that’s creepy–but, rather, the platonic love that makes your employees feel cared for and appreciated–that’s your goal for this week.

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all. Personally, I’m celebrating a much more important holiday: Taco Tuesday, but you be you. Just not at the office.


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