Layoffs Via Email: The Best Way to Say Goodbye?

Google, along with other big tech companies, chose to use email to notify employees that they were terminated. As I noted last week, this is the wrong way to terminate people, and your employees deserve better.

But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this impersonal form of termination is a better way than face-to-face layoffs.

I learned how to run layoffs and how to treat people who were losing their jobs from Jack Jampel, an HR master of project management and employee relations. Everything I know about handling people during a layoff, I learned from him.

So, when he told me that “for the most part, I don’t believe there is a big difference in how one feels when they find out they have been laid off,” I paid attention.

Layoffs are terrible for employees, no matter what.

Here’s Jampel’s logic:

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One thought on “Layoffs Via Email: The Best Way to Say Goodbye?

  1. I’m glad that you thoughtfully reconsidered your opinion. Coordination of layoffs is much harder than many people imagine. I think a big part of it has to do with culture (the company and the region) and size. I agree that what will leave the biggest lasting impression is how they mitigate the challenges of being laid off – severance, resume services, references, picking up your belongings, etc.

    We have had people come into a meeting to get terminated and they are angry that we made them waste their time and gas money when we could have just done it over the phone.

    I think one thing is very clear when dealing with people – you’ll never get 100% of people to agree on anything!

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