Major Trends Impacting Women’s Work-Life – Suzanna Lucas IWD Interview

I had the opportunity to sit down with Jennifer Cain Birkmose at VivaValet to discuss some of the problems facing women in the workforce. (If Jennifer’s name sounds familiar to me, it’s because I’ve talked about her here and here. In addition to being a CEO, she’s my improv coach!)


It’s International Women’s day, and Suzanne Lucas, the founder of Evil HR Lady, joins Jennifer Cain Birkmose on International Women’s Day to discuss the trends in the workplace that are impacting women and the actions that employers can take immediately to mitigate pressure women often find themselves experiencing.

A large part of this is how we put in place support mechanisms for women who are managing careers while caring for families, both the raising of children and caregiving to aging parents – otherwise known as the “Sandwich Generation”.

Suzanne discusses ways that employees and employers can create boundaries to avoid burnout to preserve energy to enable performance in the workplace and serve the caring needs we have in our families and communities. She weighs in on the impact of LEAN thinking and how the promise of LEAN management isn’t saving your organization the resources it expects to.


Suzanne Lucas, founder of “Evil HR Lady,” joins Jennifer Cain Birkmose on International Women’s Day to discuss immediate actions employers can take to support employees who are caring for aging adults. Suzanne introduces ways to enable flexible working locations and schedules and introduces newly launched nationwide Family Medical Leave benefits that employees can tap into in the care you are caring for aging adults.

If you are an employer or leading HR benefits in your company, then caring for elders is also of your concern. Did you know that, according to AARP, 1 in 5 Americans are family caregivers, 61% are women, and 61% of all caregivers currently work? Finding flexible solutions to make this work for your workplace is everyone’s business.

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