I Installed an AI Bot on My Website and It Immediately Lied

I’ve been playing with ChatGPT for weeks now and am helping HR professionals use it to make their jobs easier. I saw a recommendation for companies to add these Chatbots to their Internal Employee Handbooks so employees could quickly get the needed answers. That seemed brilliant, and I set out to learn how to do it. I installed an AI chatbot on my own website, Evil HR Lady, to learn the ins and outs.

I used Chatbase, and installing a Chatbot on my website was super easy. It even allowed me to customize the bot to match my website colors. Once it was up and running, I was anxious to ask it a question. My mind went blank, so I asked about Swiss Saturday posts,  a series I do about my life in Switzerland. I have about 30 posts with that title, so I thought it would be easy enough for the chatbot to pull those articles for me.

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4 thoughts on “I Installed an AI Bot on My Website and It Immediately Lied

  1. Thank you for this honest research and response. It backs up what I have heard from others and why we will not be using it in our HR dept.

  2. Thanks for posting about your actual experience using the Chatbot which just emphasizes how much the program really “think” and “listen” like a human but is responding to the key terminology that it is programmed to answer only. I hate dealing with Chatbot because they can’t understand the nuisances of conversation words and if you have an issue that doesn’t have a listed response you are basically talking to a wall.

  3. We have been using a chat bot in our company for about a year with our basic tech support and hr support (we also allow you to escalate to chatting with a human). The ongoing line has been asking us to continue to ask it questions so it can learn and work better. The more we use it, the better it works, has been the mantra. While I won’t say it lies, I will say early on it definitely was simplistic and not very good at answering easy questions. I find now, it is better, but still not a replacement for a human. I’ve yet to play with Chat GPT, but have talked with friends in HR and out of it, one of the things I’ve heard from friends who are mathematicians and teachers – it is bad at math (for now) but good at making it sound like it is good at math (meaning the wrong answer will sound correct). And you can pass a typical plagiarism test with a chatbot generated essay (high school students everywhere will probably cheer).

    The age of machines…..

  4. ‘It Immediately Lied’

    Sounds like ChatGPT might be better suited to the CEO job. Making things up and lying are a core skill set for CEO jobs.

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