LinkedIn’s Verification Badges Fall Short

Elon Musk asked everyone to pay $8 to be verified on Twitter, and it made headlines and trended on Twitter (naturally). LinkedIn recently began offering free verification, and it’s gone largely unnoticed.

“Authenticity online has never been more important,” said Alex Weinert, vice president of identity security at Microsoft, which owns LinkedIn. While Weinert is undoubtedly correct, and there have been so many job scams lately that the Federal Trade Commission issued a warning, a smattering of opinions from talent professionals contacted for this article suggests that the social media platform’s new feature has failed to pique much interest.

“Linkedin verification does not matter in my recruiting world,” says Matt Dodge, accounting and finance/human resources agent of Talent Solutions. Zia Uddin Juwel, HR officer at BRAC, concurs, saying that “it doesn’t matter at all.” And Lily Wheedon, senior recruiter at Travelers, similarly remarks, “I don’t care if someone is verified or not.”

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