AI Will Impact Jobs (But not Mine)

A lawyer, presumably in a hurry, submitted documents to the court that included references to “hallucinated cases.” Where did these hallucinations come from? ChatGPT, of course.  Judge Kevin Castel (S.D.N.Y.) is threatening the lawyer with sanctions.
ChatGPT has an annoying habit of making up information (hallucinating) rather than saying, “I have no idea.” And this lawyer didn’t realize that was the case, so he thought when ChatGPT said, “Varghese v China South Airlines Ltd, 925 F.3d 1339 (11th Cir. 2019)” was a relevant case, it was a real and relevant case.

It was not. It doesn’t exist.

Now, whether or not the court will go through with the sanctions, one thing is pretty straightforward: Lawyers aren’t going to lose their jobs to AI any time soon.

Yet, people panic about job loss due to AI–but not their jobs, someone else’s job.

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One thought on “AI Will Impact Jobs (But not Mine)

  1. My worry is not that AI actually can replace many jobs fully; my worry is that some people making layoff decisions are blind enough to it’s shortcomings and ignorant enough about what some work entails that they will attempt to fully replace people anyway. Even if the company later regrets its decision once they discover just how un-creative AI is, I’ve still lost my job.

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