An Ice Cream Store Wants to Use Unpaid Labor and Call It Training. This ‘Hack’ Will Give You Brain Freeze

It’s great when you can hire someone who can be up to speed in the first 15 minutes, but most people need training time. Even your newly hired chief financial officer needs considerable time to understand your processes and procedures.

So, it’s certainly not surprising that it would take at least a couple of days of training to onboard a brand-new, entry-level employee. And that costs money. Which is why it’s no surprise that an ice cream company in California recently ran a job posting that contained this line:

“Requires 2 Preliminary days of training (unpaid) which will determine if you are able to get hired for the position.”

This company has since taken down the job posting, so I won’t publicly name and shame them. But can you do this? Is it possible — and legal — to require your employees undergo unpaid training?

To read, hop over to Inc.

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