Announcing HR Learns

I’m so excited to announce the launching of my newest website and newest business: HRLearns! The website just went live this week, so pop over and take a look!

This is a joint venture with Victoria Purser of Conquer-HR. You may know Victoria from her Boot Camps where she preps you for HRCI and SHRM exams.

Victoria and I saw a gap in the market–quality training by experts at reasonable prices. Look, we know your CFO allocates $3.97 per year for HR training, so often, these things have to come out of your own pocket. But it’s necessary to keep up to date and keep at the top of your game. And when you do get a budget, you often go to webinars or conferences that make you feel better but don’t give you any actions you can implement! We are not having that at HRLearns!

We promise that after each webinar, you’ll leave with actionable ideas that can improve your life.

This is not idealic conference HR. This is real life HR. What you need today.

We have three amazing webinars scheduled.


At the end of Katrina’s webinar, you’ll know how to:

  • Get even the most avoidant hiring manager onto a call/meeting
  • Demonstrate your AI-proof skills and value within the first 5 minutes
  • Skillfully glean information from your hiring manager––something AI will never be able to do!––so you know who they need to hire, not want to hire.
  • Gain their respect and commitment so the entire hiring process saves them (& you) time, money, and hassle

Sign up for Katrina’s webinar here: Beyond AI: Amping up the Human Advantage in Talent Acquisition 

You can get a 50 percent discount on this webinar using code CHR24

At the end of Suzanne’s webinar, you’ll know how to

  • Write posts that get noticed
  • Increase your follower count
  • Become an advanced networker
  • Have a headline that doesn’t suck

Sign up for Suzanne’s webinar here: Building Your LinkedIn Presence

At the end of Amy’s webinar, you’ll know how to

  • Strategies for amplifying presence
  • Confidence boosting tactics
  • Overcoming barriers to advancement
  • Assertive communication skills
  • Personal branding essentials

Sign up for Dr. Amy’s webinar here: Calling All Women! Learn the Secrets to Amplify Your Presence and Elevate Your Impact

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