September 2011

Dear Evil HR Lady,

What would your advice be to someone who has an associate’s degree, but has risen through the ranks to executive positions and then laid off due to the economy? He has a problem in applying for positions because the ones he is otherwise qualified for require a bachelor’s degree. His plan was to complete an online bachelor’s through a for-profit university that advertises heavily in this area. Would that degree be considered a plus, minus or neutral by HR?

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The Secret to Focusing in Meetings

by Evil HR Lady on September 28, 2011

If you could retain more information, you’d do it right? Here’s an easy way to increase retention by 29 percent.

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Age Discrimination Isn’t About Dates

by Evil HR Lady on September 26, 2011

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I am 60 years old. I recently applied for a job and there were numerous places on the application as well as several other pieces of paperwork that I had to fill out where I had to list my DOB or just tell someone involved in the process what my age was (the drug test lady just said plainly “how old are you?”).

Older workers always hear that a prospective employer cannot inquire as to your age. When it happens, the candidate dares not refuse to answer certain questions or the process is over. The candidate doesn’t dare say something like “you’re not allowed to ask me that” because it seems like he or she is suggesting they know more than the HR person in regards to what is and is not allowed. But if the company is asking how old you are and you’re over 60, it’s the kiss of death (or we assume it to be).

How does one deal with these age related questions when one is a senior citizen who still need employment? In this day and age when all kinds of info can be gleaned from the internet, a person’s age is one of the easiest things you can find out. Questions like “when did you graduate from high school” dates you immediately. So when someone is asked this question, do we simply excuse ourselves and thank the HR person for seeing us? Do we go through the process even though we assume it’s not going to end well? Or do we assume that the HR person has already found our age on the internet and knows that piece before we even reach the door?

Do we assume that part of the evaluation process is to see how well we have endured the aging process? Are we walking in with a cane and oxygen bottle and look like Phyllis Diller or are we strutting in like a young pup? So if we were given an interview do we go in with the understanding that the HR person likely knows our age and with the belief that they are going to judge us on something more important than age? And by the way…I got the job. Yet for every one like me who succeeded in getting a job, there may 100 sixty-year-olds who didn’t even get an interview despite great credentials.

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Dear Evil HR Lady,

I’m about six years into my IT career and like any business person I am always keeping my eye on the market.

I’ve noticed a trend where employers post minimum experience requirements, which is not unusual. However the requirements are a bit overstated. For example, a former employer has posted a minimum requirement of eight years experience for the position I held and excelled at for several years (with only two years experience when I started). Truth be told, a second year undergrad could do that job without difficulty.

This is just one example and it is not uncommon in my observation.

The practice smacks of discrimination against the young and I can only imagine the frustration my newly graduated peers must be experiencing. Do you have any suggestions on how to get a resume in front of a hiring manager or will the “kids” just need to pray for a lucky break?

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What To Do When Your Boss Hates You

by Evil HR Lady on September 23, 2011

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I don’t think I’ve seen this topic covered since I started subscribing to you. I’m curious what should I do when I realize that my manager is trying to use old information, and solicit my co-workers’ opinions about me to use it against me? Luckily, I’ve done my job well, and have earned awards for my office. On top of that, my coworkers are fair and all expressed that while we all run into disagreement, they all know that I am a good worker and do my job right.

On top of that, he loves his assistant even though she’s useless, helpless, and just a total waste of oxygen. She will stroke his ego and go along with his crude jokes at work. He will take her out shopping for alcohol and made sure everyone knows. He is a name dropper, and talk about himself a lot; she caters to his ego more than his wife would.

So, am I doomed here? Is there anything I can do to protect myself?

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Why Failure is the Secret of Your Success

by Evil HR Lady on September 19, 2011

Want to be successful? First, you need to learn to fail.

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Dear Evil HR Lady,

I have worked for my employer for 6 years, have a relevant industry degree, 18 years industry experience and work remotely only seeing my boss three times a year. We have just had salary reviews. My colleague told me that she is earning more money than me $1000 a year, I didn’t ask for this she just told me and I really wish she hadn’t as it is now eating me up! My colleague has worked for the organization for 3 years, no relevant qualification, no industry experience and we do exactly the same job just in difference locations. I need to email my boss about this as he is too hard to talk to on the phone and I need to give feedback in the next couple of days. Can you help me find the right words to use to get across how hurt and angry I am about this without dropping my colleague in it.

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Should You Rehire Someone?

by Evil HR Lady on September 14, 2011

Dear Evil HR Lady,

What are the pros and cons of rehiring an employee? Is it worth it, or should I avoid it?

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Notice Anything Different?

by Evil HR Lady on September 14, 2011

If you’re reading this on an RSS feed, you won’t notice anything, but if you are actually at the webpage, look up! Finally, after 5 years, I finally bit the bullet and paid money for my very own URL.

The .com is taken and they want way too much money for it, so I say, have fun with that!

I’m also in the process of transferring over to wordpress, with the help of Laura at Smallest Decisions. She’s the same person who did Ask a Manager so I have full confidence.

In the meantime, I am trying to come up with a new logo or picture or something that reflects this blog. Flames, witch hats, a little devil in high heels and a briefcase? This is not where my talent lies.

So, stand by for even more changes!


Are Personality Tests Required For the Job You Want?

by Evil HR Lady on September 13, 2011

It’s hard enough to get someone to look twice at your resume and now, more and more, you need not only the right resume, but the right personality.

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