Employee Accused of Having an Affair with a Coworker

by Evil HR Lady on January 19, 2015

I am good friends with a male coworker, who is not my boss, but a step higher than I am. We talk at work on the days we work together about both work-related issues and non-work-related things. Naturally, it has gotten back to me that people think we are having an affair.

Not surprised. Anyhow, one of the other employees complained to my manager that I “talk to him too much” and I was told by another member of management that it would be “coming up in my performance evaluation.” My performance evaluation?

Okay….a few things. One, I never let my conversations with anyone interfere with doing my job. Two, I want to ask my manager exactly how much time in hours and minutes is talking to someone “too much?”

Three, does she realize that I’m going tohave TO talk to him to get the job done? Four, and most importantly, I want to know if that is a form of sexual harassment from the accusing coworker.

There are some very religious people on my floor and I think they are bothered by us talking because of their own ideas and imagination. Where does it stop? Are they going to pick and choose with whom I am allowed to speak? Why are they being given this power?

I have been told that people think I’m “pretty” and “notice” when I walk in a room.

To read the answer, click here: Employee Accused of Having an Affair with a Coworker

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