Managing Isn’t Easy—But That’s No Excuse to Shirk the Responsibility

by Evil HR Lady on June 13, 2018

Sometimes it seems that managers do nothing while their employees do all the work. So why should managers make more money to sit in air-conditioned offices and do paperwork while everyone else works hard?

There is a difference between managing and doing, and in many cases (but certainly not all cases), managing is harder than doing. Sure, a manager’s work might be physically less demanding, but don’t underestimate the difficulty or importance of that work.

Responsibility No. 1: Hiring

Hiring any person off the street is easy. Hiring the right person for the job is hard. Candidates lie on resumes, and they lie during interviews, so it’s not easy to determine who is truly qualified for the job. What’s more, many positions require on-the-job training, and a manager needs to assess if a candidate can learn the necessary skills—not just whether he or she possesses them.

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BRR June 13, 2018 at 3:05 pm

It’s alarming how many people I know who wouldn’t be able to articulate a manager’s responsibilities as outlined in this article. I have one coworker that expressed an interest in becoming a manager who I don’t think considered anything mentioned in this article and I don’t think would excel at these tasks. I have a hunch they really just want some help with their job (their workload is heavy).


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