Why I Had to Ruin the Lives of Four Teenagers on a Tram

by Evil HR Lady on December 11, 2018

Last week I was on the tram when a group of teenage boys came and sat near me. Their language was atrocious and they kept calling each other “gay.” So, knowing that their behavior at 13 was indicative of how they would be for their entire lives, I took their pictures, followed them home, and got their full names and addresses.

This way, when they try to get jobs or win awards or something, I can discredit them and point out that when they were young teens they were dumb and more interested in being shocking than anything else.

Where’s my community leadership badge?

There’s actually nothing different, in practical terms, from this and what USA today did with Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray. Their headline, “Kyler Murray apologizes for homophobic tweets that resurfaced after he won Heisman Trophy.”

They resurfaced because the media resurfaced them. Frankly, I think this tweet response from Popehat is the best response.

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