Recruitment is Weird Right Now: a Focus on the Positive

by Evil HR Lady on August 7, 2020

Unemployment is through the roof, and there are absolutely no jobs available right now. Or, is it: Companies are desperate to hire and cannot get enough qualified applicants?

It’s both. And it’s peculiar. COVID has split the hiring world between high unemployment in some sectors and people scrambling to get enough people in others. It’s weird, but it also opens up opportunities for all sorts of people. 

So, let’s look at the positive side! 

LinkedIn has a “Who’s Hiring Right Now” column that is updated regularly. For instance, at this moment, the top five hiring companies say,

  • Instacart says it’s looking to hire 300,000 contract workers.
  • McDonald’s says it’s hiring about 260,000 people this summer.
  • Amazon says it’s looking to hire 175,000 new workers for its fulfillment centers and delivery network.
  • Albertsons is hiring 50,000 people across their companies for open roles.
  • CVS Health is hiring 50,000 employees to serve in various capacities across its business.

That’s an awful lot of jobs. It also shows that a lot of mass hiring is in the unskilled or entry-level category. But, let’s unpack all of this.

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