Why HR (and Employee Relations) Equals Public Relations

by Evil HR Lady on December 16, 2020

HR is a public relations role.

Yes, I realize that most people disagree with me on this thing. They see PR as the people who send out press releases to try to get a new product promoted and to offer hapless executives as guests on podcasts. But, what is public relations other than dealing with the public?

Some directly and some indirectly.

Recruiters work with people outside the company every day. Remember, it’s not just about “talent acquisition” where you just pluck a new candidate off the shelf and slot him into the job as an accountant; it’s about representing the company as a place that this person would want to work. It’s about showing non-employees (AKA the “public”) that your company is a great place to work. It’s brand-building at its best!

But what about other HR jobs? An employee relations specialist or a business partner meets with internal people only. They don’t need to worry about what the public thinks, right?

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