Important Carnival of HR Update!

The Carnival of HR has a new home! Yeah! All the updates and info you need is over there.

Ask A Manager has taken over the responsibility of tracking and guiding the carnival. She’s awesome.

Party on!

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3 thoughts on “Important Carnival of HR Update!

  1. Gosh, Evil, I can’t just run over there without saying “Thanks!” Thanks for taking the initiative to start the Carnival. Thanks for doing the work to keep it going and growing. Its something to be proud of. We owe you.

  2. EHRL–

    If you receive a cover letter from someone and it has a typo or two, do you throw it in the trash? You can be honest. I read things over and over and over, and still end up sending out CLs with typos in them. It’s like a disease I just can’t stop. I never made typos in school, so I don’t get why I’m having this absolutely infuriating problem now. I’m beginning to feel *completely* powerless, and like I just won’t make it in life.


  3. anon
    I don’t do hiring, so I wouldn’t see your letter. But do a couple of things–run it through a spelling and grammar check. Then give it to someone else to read.

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