10 thoughts on “Maybe I Really Am Evil

  1. OMG… I just bought a breakfast burrito, a monster energy drink AND powdered donuts for my HR Rep and it came to $6.66

  2. I haven’t had any numerical omens, but I have been called evil a number of times by employees (not to trump the official “Evil HR Lady”. Does that count?

  3. You don’t own any Rotweiller dogs, do you? Or have a son named Damian?

    If you look at the numbers upside down, you can put the Evil stuff out of your mind (temporarily) and just enjoy the nice traffic stats. 🙂

  4. I bought bread from a monastery when I was on a 7th grade field trip. The change was $6.66. Boy, did I feel like there was a large arrow pointing to my head! The monk who gave me the change did so very slowly, with a terrified look on his face.

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