I make less money than the person I’m training

Dear Evil HR Lady,

Three years ago I single-handedly opened the company’s only office and set everything up. I organized everything and made the company office something everyone in the field could depend on. I am called the Office Manger; but I do everything and basically am the President’s right hand except for the construction part.

Now his wife has brought in her old employee at a lot more than I’m making and she has had to learn everything about our business. I’ve had to teach her, as well as do my job.

I’m told how wonderful I am and get great reviews, yet my raises have amounted to only $50 per week. I’m devastated as well as disappointed that I’ve worked 40-60 hours a week at making this a great office and have gotten nothing in return. Things are tight at the company, but so are they at my house.

I’m at least $10,000 underpaid. How can I get this raise and keep the job I really love too?

Find out what to do over at BNET

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