I’m White and My Racist Boss Fired Me

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I was recently fired. My working environment was hostile at the least. My immediate supervisor, African American, was blatantly racist to me, white. Multiple people in the office, including other African Americans, have complained to HR about this individual’s racism yet the company protects the problem and discharges the problem white employees. How can this sort of thing continue? I don’t think we’ve got a chance in a court of law since we’re white and she’s black. I’m amazed that the administration and HR cover for her. I’m out of there now. Tuesday of last week they terminated another. How can this be stopped?

Read my answer over at BNET.

And is it wrong that I find it highly amusing that the woman depicted in the photo as the firing boss is the same woman in the photo I used for the woman being fired in this post? What goes around comes around, or something, I guess.

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2 thoughts on “I’m White and My Racist Boss Fired Me

  1. One of the things to look at before going to the EEOC or a private attorny is to look at what happened after the OP left. Were they replaced with another white employee or an employee of the same race of the manager? In the other situations cited, who was hired to replace the fired employees? The EEOC will look strongly at the answers to those questions to decide if a hiring manager is practicing illegal discrimination. If the OP was replaced by another white employee, there may not be a case and take your unemployment and run.

  2. This seems like a very complicated issue. Did you document the racism you felt, when you felt it and what your boss said/did? I think that is very important. If this is prevalent in your former company, I would try to band together with other victims and file a lawsuit.

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