I’m Going Crazy–What’s the Secret of Job Hunting?

I’m trying to get a real full-time job after a 5-year string of part-time and temporary jobs since graduating from college. More accurately, I’ve been trying to get a real full-time job this whole time, but temporary and part-time jobs are all I can get. I can scarcely get an interview. The last of my money is gone, and I need a job RIGHT NOW. My question is, what does HR want to see on a resume? What do you want to hear in an interview? I am prepared to say and do ANYTHING if it means getting a job. But I need to know specifics. Which phrases am I supposed to use? Which phrases should I avoid?

Find out the secret of job hunting over at BNET.

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7 thoughts on “I’m Going Crazy–What’s the Secret of Job Hunting?

  1. There is a large list of power words to use on your resume, ways to catch the attention of a potential employer. Take a look around!

  2. There is no list of power words or anything like that.
    Just make sure your resume matches the job you want 😉

  3. Hello anonymous
    Are you under a rock or facing the wrong side of your monitor?

    There sure are great resources for power words. After changing my resume and using power words that were relevant to the skills the employers were seeking, my rate of response for interviews went through the roof! I got interviews that led to job offers.

  4. The fact that magical "power words" appear to work for some support the notion that many hiring managers aren't very good at what they do.

  5. Power words are nothing unless you can back it up with actual facts/experience. You don't need a thesaurus to write a good resume.

    Networking is huge. I never gave it much thought, but I kept in touch with former supervisors and colleagues on LinkedIn over the years, and the result was that's how I got into my current position after 10 months unemployed last year. Build your network before you need it – it shouldn't be only when you're down and out that you're in touch with people. It's a two-way street – if you're asking to be kept in mind for opportunities, you also need to be willing to pass on a resume to someone you know as well.

  6. When you figure out the secret let us know. I have numerous friends who are very educated and qualified who are in the same boat. Tough times are no fun when you know you are being passed up for a job you should have.

  7. Hi there,
    obviously this person is desperately needing a full time job.
    It's not about magic words hiring managers wnat to read ot hear. It's about how you present yourself on paper.
    As above mentioned try to apply to positions which match your skills, qualification and experience.
    Don't get angry or frustrated, try to concentrate on your search – seek in your area all possible companies; apply initiative to companies, send them your resume and point your interest for the company.

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