9 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Fired

Want to get yourself fired? Not laid off–as that would probably mean you were doing a fine job but the company couldn’t afford your salary. We’re talking about getting fired–with good reason. As in, you’ve made some very unwise choices. And now your employer wants you off the premises. As soon as possible.

Here are nine people who can show you how to get the boot–and possibly end up in jail. I recommend that you do not follow their examples.

First up: Texting Instead of Filling Potholes

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4 thoughts on “9 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Fired

  1. Recently, in Baltimore City, several employees were caught gambling and drinking alchol on the job. They were shooting dice, for money and drinking brandy, among other things. This was apparently an every payday activity and the supervisor was aware of it. It was also reported that many of the 12-15 people involved had criminal convictions (including jail time) for weapons and drug offenses. Some of these people were currently on parole or probation. I beleive they all worked for the city's special events department. Not all of them were fired. Fine example to set, isn't it?

  2. I assume the letter writer already knows this, but certain industries and companies will value a 'one time perfect, heavy documentation' person very highly and certain companies will be horrified and turned off.

    And in my own experience (which is much less than 29 years!) the companies that value the documentation personality deeply are going to be any company that has to worry about audits (like SOX, internal financial, etc). Especially if they take them seriously. Large banks, credit card organizations like Amex, credit organizations like experian, other similar places are your best bet.

    THose are companies who do business in an area where they need every i dotted and t crossed – if they can't tell an auditor or a judge exactly what happened and how they know it happened exactly like that (LOTS of documentation) they can be in big trouble from a consumer trust and penal perspective.

    And those are the companies you should talk to. Don't even bother with the other ones. (I say this as someone at an organization where we did choose not to hire someone we felt would be too rigid for our organization even though we DO have sox audits…but we fail them kinda often so I expect we are the exception and not the norm. I hope we are.)

  3. Sigh that comment was meant for your latest bnet post, i clicked comment on the first blogger post I saw and didn't realize you hadn't updated yet.

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