2 thoughts on “Huffington Post Law Suit: Should You Work For Free?

  1. I work in an industry where working for free is generally how one starts out. However, I think it depends on a number of factors:

    * Where you're at in your career (how much experience do you already have at doing whatever you're being asked to do)
    * Your resources for doing free work: For instance, I'm not going to do free writing work for you if someone else is paying me for it. Nor will I work for a cheaper rate when I already get a higher one elsewhere.
    * Your schedule and needs (I have no time to be charitable to strangers)
    * The person asking for free services (background, financial resources)
    * Whether reimbursements are available (travel, paper, ink, copies, etc. cost MONEY; some people seeking freebies don't bother considering that)

    I'm at a stage in my career where I absolutely will not work for free on any of my endeavors unless you are an industry friend, a close contact or I'm getting an ownership interest. Though much of my entertainment work isn't paid, you'd better believe I have ownership interest and written confirmation that I will benefit as the business profits.

    I think working for free is okay if you are given schedule flexibility, reimbursement for costs and the employer treats you with common decency. Any professional entertainment business does this & people like me do note when an employer is abusing "freebies" or using that system to displace paid workers (such as posting for an internship that is 35-40 hours a week).

    This is taking legal requirements for internships & volunteer work aside but employers should note that you get what you pay for + if you use free work on important tasks, it makes you look shoddy and unprofessional if you don't pay for quality talent. Would you want a brain surgeon to give you free services?

  2. The amateurs and “semi professionals” undercut the true professionals b/c they work for FREE. They do not value their work, themselves, or they fell for that green horn “exposure”/”visibility” schtick to entice sheeple to give away their experience/expertise for FREE. Ask a plumber to come on over your home, clear out of the drain, and that youll take pictures of them plumbing, youll post on your website for that incredible exposure—and that it may perhaps might result in paid work. Also, the plumbers might learn something and help beef up their resume. Wow. wee. See how many plumbers would work for free?! You want work? We shall draw up an MOU/contract//subcontract with BUDGET and we will talk–otherise good riddance. THere are no freebies sessions, just 10 min, or coffee talks, of let’s do lunch BS. All ways for moochers/brain pickers to get free. NO WAY. F you, pay.

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