My Boss Would Be Happier If I Lived at the Office

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I just started a new job that includes a housing allowance. Just when I thought how nice they are, my boss e-mailed me with this sentence “Now you have more reason to stay late in the office, since the apartment is just within walking distance.” No one else has a housing allowance or lives as close.

How should I reply? I’m not at all happy with this line.

My Boss Would Be Happier If I Lived at the Office

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6 thoughts on “My Boss Would Be Happier If I Lived at the Office

  1. Great article Suzanne. I'm a big fan of people finding positions that value their talents and abilities and allow them to have autonomy over what they do and how they do it.

    I have a hard time seeing the point of working at a job where it seems the only goal is to have people use us up and boss us around. Life's too short to endure being treated poorly. Why not find a position where we can celebrate ourselves and where the company values us for who we are.

  2. Maybe I'm just the suspicious sort but I see one employee singled out for a housing allowance and no sign in the post that the boss is a "she." Is there a chance that this overtime includes requests way outside the job description?

  3. Anon–you're just overly suspicious. The boss is female as is the letter writer. I edited out the gender of the boss in the question because how the question was written wasn't quite clear.

  4. Was there any mention of the "strings" attached to your being tagged with this housing allowance when you accepted the positin, perhaps in your job description, offer letter or company policy?

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