3 thoughts on “Are You Too Old To Get Hired?

  1. The elderly are often discriminated and are not given enough chance to show that they are still capable of taking charge or handling responsibilities and this is very difficult especially for a highly-skilled individual.

  2. Honestly, there are times when I think there are people who are too YOUNG to be hired! Some 20-somethings just don't understand the realities of the workplace (like, you actually have to come to work, on time, every day!). "Older" workers, regardless of how you define that, are more likely to get it.

  3. Another problem we are currently seeing is that the retirement age is increasing as well (unofficially). Older individuals are choosing to stay in the workforce and this can compound the problem. It is a shame that older workers are being discriminated against because there is a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom that needs to be passed down to those 20-somethings as Another Evil HR Director pointed out.

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