Why Companies Won’t Hire the Unemployed

It’s easier to find a job when you have a job. Some companies are taking this principle to the extreme and excluding the unemployed. Here’s why.

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5 thoughts on “Why Companies Won’t Hire the Unemployed

  1. So hiring managers are generally lazy and have no perspective on what happens in the real world. Awesome!

  2. I have found the practice of excluding the unemployed from job opportunities really unsettling. So much so that I started ReEmployAmerica.com – the first job search website to ban ads that exclude the unemployed. I think that until Federal Legislation is passed to solve this issue of exclusionary hiring practices, someone had to take a stand! Thanks Evil HR Lady for helping me get the word out!

  3. Singapore's unemployment rate estimates to 5%, and it favors job seekers, as it the market trend now. Older workers are also given opportunities to contribute to the economic growth.

    Good skilled people should be given the upper level to re-enter into the workforce to sustain unemployment and recession.

  4. Excellent philosophy! Many employers want to start relationships with potential employees who are currently employed, but are we also at the point where we should also apply these ideas to how we date as well? If people who are not currently employed represent ‘problem employees’, then surely people who are not currently in a relationship when you want to date them could represent ‘problem mates’ to many people. The solution to that is to have an affair.

    Welcome to the Ashley Madison.com era.


  5. Thanks, Evil HR Lady, for this summary. I’ve never understood why people said it was easier to get a job if you already had one, but this makes a lot of sense — especially the part about the stereotypes and how a lot of people think unemployment is the fault of the jobseeker. But unemployment is such a problem in our current economic environment, these ideas need to change or else we’re never going to get over the recession. Economic disparity is already a huge problem and won’t get better if the ‘acceptable’ workforce keeps shrinking and shrinking.

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