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  1. Dress like the boss is (or would/should be) dressed. You can't over dress even for a minimum wage job. You can never go wrong dressing up. I've had people ask me what they should wear to the interview that I just called them to schedule. That is the first clue that they are probably not what I want in this position. I once had a guy ask me what to wear for the interview for a dietary dept worker position. He was a senior in high school, so I wend easy on him and explained (what his mother should be explaining to him) how to dress for an interview. He turned up in a wrinkled dress shirt, not tucked in, jeans and tennis shoes. The dietary manager hired him. I wouldn't have.

  2. I think it's possible to overdress, but it's rare. If you dress formally for a grubby job (say, working in an oil refinery), you might send the impression that you're afraid to get your hands dirty.

  3. You have to wear the proper dress code given to you if ever you were informed earlier right before the interview, and overdressing is very rare unless you're a hardcore fashionista…lol

  4. I beg to differ on overdressing if you're someone with an advanced level degree seeking something outside your field and below your credentials. For instance, if I was applying for a non-lawyer job, it would kill my credibility to walk in wearing a business suit. It's hard enough for new attorneys to get considered for non-legal jobs & with all the fear people have of lawyers, showing up in a business suit would kill that applicant's chances. I'd be perceived as an elitist, a scary lawyer or someone who thinks they're too good for/better than everyone else. I speak as someone who's gotten non-legal paid employment despite being a lawyer.

    I also work in a creative industry & have a very unusual background so you'd best believe I ask what is appropriate. Some interviewers will view you negatively if you're overdressed, especially in the scenario I mention. I have also had an interview once say that me wearing a business suit as a law student made him picture me as an attorney, with all the negative connotations attached.

    I think it depends on who the applicant is, the job you're interviewing for & what type of impression you want to create. There are obvious exceptions to this normal rule some of you are espousing & I just wanted to point one out.

  5. Even if you are applying/interviewing for an hourly plant position at a manufactuing facility – please wear something clean (as in laundered)and appropriate (as in not dressing like a 15 year old if you're over 20.)
    I'm always amazed at how folks look when they show up. I try to keep in mind they're not applying for an office position, but seriously – check in the mirror before you leave the house!

  6. We at RefreshingHR.com strongly believe in the impact of of the first 7 seconds of meeting someone. Dress is important of course, be smart, be polished but more importantly dress your body language instantly. Smile, have a welcome & question ready, ensure the hand shake is firm and straight (neither gaining or conceding power). 1 negative in the first 7 seconds will take 8 to positives to correct. You generally win or lose in those 7 seconds.

    RefreshingHR UK, by HR People, for HR People

  7. Normality is essence of life above normality is poison and below normality is poison. According to me same rule apply for dressing also candidate should wear appropriately as per the requirement of the job and organization. If candidate is not sure what to wear for interview that indicates he had know more about the type of job and org he is going for…..check with friends, employees, consultant etc…..if nothing works it’s better to wear clean, well ironed formal dress which give professional look….

  8. A conservative suit in solid color – Not the Austin Powers shaggydelic style though – Austin Powers like to wear suits, but they’re not conservative nor solid in color. It’s more like dads or mom’s business suit – could be dry and boring, but that’s what they’re looking for. Serious, mature, professional – you look like you’re hired already!

    Leather shoes with 2 inch heels – For some reason, they don’t like flat shoes and definitely they do not want to see those sneakers nor bright red stilettos – maybe because they look for fun and fashionable. Not.

    Few pieces of jewelries.

    Day make-up – Just a simple eyeshadow, a light shade of lipstick and light blush will do. No need to pull-off a Madonna or a Cristina Aguilera – just the lightest day make-up would do, without making it look like you’re ready for a party instead of a job.

    Simple hairclip or tie – No fancy hairdos or glittery hairpieces as they still look like ‘fun’ instead of ‘work’. Opt for black or cream or match it with your hair color.

    Wish this would help you 😀

  9. It is known that “ the first impression is the last impression”.Here your interview outfit is a big part to play to create an impression as a potential employer. So it’s important that candidates go prepared for their interview well. I am sure this article will help candidate to choose the winning outfit for the job they are applying for. Thanks!

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