You’re the Boss. Give Yourself a Performance Review

It’s that wonderful performance review time of the year. Make sure you get one–even if you’re the boss. Here’s why:

To find out why click ere: You’re the Boss.  Give Yourself a Performance Review

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2 thoughts on “You’re the Boss. Give Yourself a Performance Review

  1. Great posting. You say, “it’s a rare employee that will come to a boss and say, ‘Listen Steve, you’re inconsistent with the way you respond to X, Y, and Z, and it’s causing problems A, B, and C.'”

    I think that comes down to what sort of boss you are. If leaders and managers were trained to have honest, open conversations with employees where the employees could feel free to give honest and constructive feedback about behaviours then surely the workplace would be more productive. If employees feel safe to speak up about issues then you’re also showing the employee that they are valued by you as a leader.

    A good leader will be open to feedback about their behaviour and understand why and how this has been perceived by the employee in that way. As a result, they can modify that behaviour when it’s unproductive.

  2. A good leader will be open to feedback, and his employees will give it. Unfortunately, good leaders are hard to find.

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