How to work with a recruiter on LinkedIn

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What is the best way to work with a company’s recruiters? I currently work for a small non-profit, and I have only ever applied for jobs where if the organization had an HR department at all, it was only one or two people, none of whom were “recruiters.”

I am really keen on working for one particular large organization that has a whole “recruitment team” of three or four people! They even have a LinkedIn page for the team. (However, I don’t want to connect via LinkedIn because then my current colleagues could tell that I am job hunting.) How do I make contact with the recruiters? Since all job postings are put online, I’m not sure where these people fit into a job-hunting strategy, but I would love to know. I really have no clue about the rules of engagement in this situation. Any advice?

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2 thoughts on “How to work with a recruiter on LinkedIn

  1. When looking for a new job, working with Recruiters can be very helpful. LinkedIn is one of the best recruiting tools and staffing solutions out there. To reach out to a Recruiter on LinkedIn you can join one of the same groups that they are in and then you can send them an in mail for free. This way your boss or other employees won’t be able to see that you are contacting the recruiter.

    Also, just because a recruiter add’s you on LinkedIn doesn’t have to mean that you are looking for a new job. Recruiters add me all the time just to be a part of my network and to grow their own network. I dont think you should be worried.

    Hope this helped a little!

  2. It’s seriously unlikely that even if your co-workers do see you connect to a HR or recruiter on LinkedIn that they’re going to bat an eyelid or investigate further. It’s more likely that they’re using it themselves to connect with companies they’re interested in. LinkedIn is what LinkedIn is, which is essentially a professional platform geared towards networking and recruitment…so use it like that.

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