When illegal interview questions are legal

Contrary to popular opinion, the job interviewer can ask if you’re married, have children and a whole lot more.

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3 thoughts on “When illegal interview questions are legal

  1. Sometimes it’s in the interviewee’s best interest to answer these questions. Often times HR is trying to figure out if a relocation bonus (or some other benefit) would be an incentive to the candidate. If they want you, then they will hire you regardless of your gender, status, race religion, etc. And, if they are likely to not hire you based on one of those criteria, do you really want to work with them?

  2. If it is illegal to as if you have outstanding debt, then why do so many companies run a credit check prior to hiring you.

  3. There are cases when specifically asking if someone is a citizen is necessary as well. Working for certain government agencies (DHS for example) requires US citizenship. This extends to contractors. If a private company is hiring someone for a cotnract at DHS, they have to know if the person is a citizen and thus eligible to work on the contract.

    You should see some of the things they ask you during a lifestyle polygraph if the position requires a high clearance. They can be quite intrusive, which is why I steer clear of positions that require them. I’m not embarrassed or ashamed of my life, but I still believe that certain aspects of our private lives are, well, private.

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