I am a vacation advocate. I believe in it. I think people who don’t take vacation tend to overwork themselves and burn out.

So, I’m taking a vacation. I’m not going anywhere, but I shall not be writing about Human Resources, business or any similar topic for a whole month.

I will be back in April. Until then, look to the side bar and see all my archives!

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8 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. Even great talent needs to have some R&R from time to time in order to wind the clock back up. I think vacation time is vital for employees because people can burn out and that doesn’t help the company one bit.

  2. Vacations are part of the way we can “re sharpen the saw.” Unfortunately, too many managers, and too many employees, are afraid to step back from the ‘battle’ when things seem so uncertain. That thinking could lead to more trouble in the longrun.

  3. Have fun, but I find myself randomly choosing five year old articles to read just because I miss your humor!

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