Opposing View on “Mom Salaries”

Last week I wrote Why I Hate Salary.com’s ‘What’s a Mom Worth?’ Survey. The Salary.com people (who are delightful!) contacted me and asked me to chat with them on their weekly podcast.

So, I did, and you can listen to it here: An Opposing View on Our Mother’s Day Survey.

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4 thoughts on “Opposing View on “Mom Salaries”

  1. Great discussion – I really enjoyed listening to your response. I have never been able to figure out why the survey bothered me… It’s like you jumped inside my brain and pulled all my thoughts out!

  2. I don’t get salary.com in general. I make $66K base and fall into the lower-middle end of the salary range on salary.com for an “Acct Mgr” in NYC. But everyone says I am lucky I make so much. 2 conflicting views on my salary. I’m very happy with it regardless, but sometimes get the feeling that either everyone submits their salary+bonus+ rounds it up to what they think they should earn, or, only the higher earners submit their salaries.

  3. Steve G,
    Those are both possibilities to explain the discrepancy. Also, Acct Mgr is one of those titles that depends on your industry or product/service your are managing. That could also account for the discrepancy.

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