Don’t give up your right to sue for discrimination

Your employer can ask you to give up many things in exchange for employment. For instance, they can require you to sign a non-compete agreement, work a specific schedule, and consent to all sorts of confidentiality agreements. But what it can’t do is force you to give up your right to sue for discrimination, according to a new ruling by a federal court.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t give up your right to sue for discrimination

  1. My takeaway is a little different than yours–I see this as a reminder that an agreement has to be legal to be binding, a point that both employer and employee could find it useful to remember. In some situations, you *can’t* sign away your rights, so it might not make much difference if you sign or not. If it’s, say, a standard hire practice to get such a signature, a refusal to sign could bite you more than realizing the document is unenforceable and signing anyway.

    1. Well put, and can often apply even with some documents such as DNCs if they unnecessarily curtail future employment/income.

      BTW, don’t I see you in the comments on AAM?

  2. More & more companies have you sign an agreement to abide by arbitration of their choice in any possible discrimination complaint ON THE APPLICATION FORM. No signature, no interview.

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