On the job: Here come the “supertemps”

(MoneyWatch) Some 58 percent of companies plan to use temporary employees — at all levels — over the next few years, the Harvard Business Review reports. Authors Jody Greenstone Miller and Matt Miller say that temporary employment is no longer limited to administrative assistants, warehouse workers, or other low-level work. High-level people are choosing to work as temporary employees and earning money comparable to what they would have earned as an employee, or even as a partner, in a traditional company.

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6 thoughts on “On the job: Here come the “supertemps”

  1. Many companies are using temps to avoid paying benefits. We don’t need an army of temps The superstars are few and far between. We need real jobs with real pay before people starve.

    1. These aren’t the type of people who are making $15 or even $50 an hour. 80 percent of them want to keep doing it, which tells me that they aren’t terribly concerned about benefits.

      Although, I bet a boatload of these people have spouses with traditional jobs.

      1. That’s because temps can get benefits, bonuses, holiday, and some forms of sick leaves with their agencies. And depending on which company you work for, in my case the energy field, I could get bonuses from my assignment company. Long-term and serial temps understand there’s an “underworld” of perks has well as many valleys for temping long-term.

  2. “Although, I bet a boatload of these people have spouses with traditional jobs.”

    This is an important point. The feminization of the work force since the 1950’s has also swelled the labor pool, and the increasingly common two-income household probably sees less of an incentive to maximize either individual’s earnings than the single-breadwinner family did. This isn’t the whole reason why starting salaries are much lower compared to the cost of living, but it is clear that we have not quite come to terms with this new equilibrium.

  3. I worked in the energy field, and many of our engineers and IT staff were temps along with administrative support. All were indefinite temps with similar perks than staff. This is nothing new.

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