The secret to easy networking

There are two types of networking. The first is simply building relationships with people in your field, your neighbors and your dentist. This type of networking is what helps you find the “hidden jobs” that are often filled before they are advertised. This also helps you fill vacancies in your company. You should never, ever, not even for a day, stop doing this. Build relationships! Help people out! Don’t burn bridges.

But the other type of networking is the type where you desperately need a new job. And you look around and you say, “I have talked and talked and talked until I’m blue in the face and my fingers are sore from sending emails and I can’t find a job.” Many of you have experienced this. (Or are experiencing it now.) Enter a new company: CareerSonar.

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4 thoughts on “The secret to easy networking

  1. Suzanne,

    What about those of us who are currently working? It says to connect through Facebook and that it respects privacy, but I’m wary. Facebook is notorious for privacy issues.

  2. I’m not sure I see the issue with still working. It doesn’t email your boss and say you’re looking.

  3. This seemed like a real good site – I have a LinkedIn account and would be fine with them using my connections on there.

    However, it appears that you cannot sign onto and thus use this site UNLESS you do it through FACEBOOK.

    Sorry, but some of us do not Facebook and never will – increasingly, it seems that we are being pushed more and more to encounter the world only through Facebook…

    Sorry, Career Sonar – you lost a potential client.

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