My team hates me, other departments love me

Dear Evil HR Lady,

My department is hated/mocked/ignored by most of the other departments. I would say that the actions within the department (lack of quality work, not understanding needs, etc.) contribute to the ongoing and poor reputation. Senior management has done nothing.

I, however, have managed to build good relationships with other departments. The problem is that now people within the department have accused me of being difficult to work with. What should I do?

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3 thoughts on “My team hates me, other departments love me

  1. I really wish “Don’t badmouth your colleagues. Ever.” were easier advice to follow. Most of the time I do manage it, but there are times behind closed doors after a couple of drinks… ah, well. (My poor spouse…)

  2. I wish more people would follow it. It makes me very uncomfortable to be around people who constantly badmouth others at work. I do my share of badmouthing at home, sure, but I can’t stand it at work.

  3. We have no rights in the workplace. If you do not get along with your co-workers or not, it does not matter. We are ‘consumers’ when we are not at work, and we are economic units that comprise a ‘person’ while at work. Thats it. Its the 21st Century, how can we have any type of quality care/”maintenance” for respect of eachother while living in a culture that has been enabling bigotry more and more in the past 10 – 15yrs? Most work is spread in the country and suburbs in remote office parks that cater to bigot rednecks the type of people (people -can we still call eachother “people” these days? ‘peasant’ is a much more appropriate term) who are socially timid and biased against others who do not have an interest in owning a car (at least not until I have 6 months living expenses paid for), nor interest in living in the suburbs/country, nor 100% interest in bible thumping, sports, trucks, and guns -I have heard things in Washington, Michigan, and now Arizona that have blown me away -like: ‘people who live in the city are part of the populist vote and are evil and all liberals, so we should hinder development and growth of cities…’ -WTF!!????!! We no longer matter to eachother any more, as far as considering eachother as part of any type of community or consider eachother as someone’s son/daughter, sister/brother etc. -Why should we expect HR to help us if they are mainly here to look out for a Multi-National Corporation over their own fellow ‘Americans’???

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