6 Workplace Myths You Probably Believe

Lots of people think they know what the rules are and what their rights are at work. But lots of people are wrong. Here are some of the myths and realities of the modern workplace.

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4 thoughts on “6 Workplace Myths You Probably Believe

  1. The title should more accurately be “6 Workplace Myths You Probably Believe, unless you’ve been reading the EHRL blog for a while.” I’ve learned a lot from reading this blog. Thanks!

  2. I often wonder where people hear some of these things. I’m thinking specifically of #6. I have had some very educated and experienced people tell me they thought that giving a “bad” reference was illegal. Of course, “bad” is relative to the person’s perception; however they don’t understand that giving factual information beyond name, rank and serial number is legal. I really believe that colleges and even high schools should give short courses to students about the realities of the business world and the employment relationship.

    1. I remember emphatically telling people that it was illegal to fire someone for resigning–that you had to let them work out their two week notice. Of course, I was telling this to my fellow Burger King coworkers and I was probably 17.

      But, my older sisters had told me that, and I believed them, and I have no idea who told them, and so on and so on .

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