Don’t let your resume fall into the HR black hole

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I recently applied for my “dream job,” if you will. I have been working part-time at an office after being placed by a temp agency after being laid off last year. The good thing is that the office has close affiliations with the organization I applied with.

I REALLY want this job. I don’t know if calling HR is a good thing since HR is “evil” and telling them how much I want this. I actually spoke with a man who is a recruiter who did give me feedback on a resume. However, I wasn’t bold enough to ask him about the job I applied for.

I have glowing references from managers and supervisors. Plus, I’m employed. I feel like throwing my hands up in the air if I don’t get my resume forwarded and saying, “What else do you WANT? What?” Is there a way I can get past the gatekeepers at HR to have them send my resume? I know if it got to a hiring manager I would have a good shot. It’s always just getting my resume there.

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One thought on “Don’t let your resume fall into the HR black hole

  1. Find someone, anyone, that you believe even might be the hiring manager and call them. Call all the hiring managers you can find….what is the worse thing that can happen….you expand your network and maybe get a job? As for angering HR, if HR is going to get angry at someone trying to bring great talent and value to a company and standing in the way of their employer getting the best talent…why would you want to work for such a company with such a department that may control or inhibit you ever joining them let alone support your career growth…….

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