Should I wait for a second job offer?

Dear Evil HR Lady,

On Friday I received a job offer from company A. There is a staffing agency in the middle. I have a final job interview with company B today. I know that company B will pay more than company A.

The staffing agency from company A is pushing me to sign the job offer. The recruiting process took weeks, so I don’t see urgency from the actual company. I want to stall a few days it to see what happens with company B, by which I should know if they’ll extend an offer.

But what happens if I sign the company A offer and then accept an offer from company B? Would the staffing agent be upset if if I tell him I’m waiting for another offer? I told him that I need to think about it, but he’s concerned.

At the same time I don’t want to risk the first offer, in case the second doesn’t come. I also don’t know if there might be a counteroffer by my current employer — if I signed an offer, did I lose my chance to take a counteroffer as well?

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