Can my boss legally cut my pay?

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I wanted to check to see if what my employer just did is legal. I’m a salaried exempt employee that was just made part time due to me starting work later. I still put in my 8 hours and get my work done.

I just came back from leave due to the birth of my premature daughter. Upon my return I let my supervisor that it will take some time to get her on a schedule, so I will be late for awhile. I was told thanks for letting them know. Now I’m told, without warning, that I will be part time with my salary cut by 25 percent. They initially tried to make this effective retro until I had to tell them they can’t do that.

There are several other employees that are late as well with no change to them. I thought salaried employees were paid for a job and not necessarily their hours worked. Can you please confirm if you think I have a case?

To read the answer, click here: Can my boss legally cut my pay?

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