Why you need a vacation

My first professional job was in the corporate HR offices of a grocery store. While those of us in the corporate offices got regular holidays, like Christmas, Memorial Day and the 4th of July off as paid holidays, the stores only closed on Christmas. Otherwise, they were open — some of them around the clock. Which meant that the work went on around the clock. While everyone, including store employees, got paid vacation time, the culture was such that you didn’t take more than a few days at a time.

Next, I moved industries and landed in pharmaceuticals. This was a job where you couldn’t get a good parking space if you got there after 7 a.m. because the scientists were always early. And while I loved this job and the company, I also learned that more than 5 days away got you labeled as a slacker. Of course you took your laptop on vacation and of course you answered emails and joined in to conference calls! Why wouldn’t you? The world would come to an end if you didn’t.

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6 thoughts on “Why you need a vacation

    1. Me neither – click through to nothing! Must be a popularity thing with the retweets on twitter! They clearly didn’t read it at all.

  1. I am working as hr- trainee. as I was fresher I joined as a talent acquisition . but I wanted to learn more about hr work and policies and I consider myself a keen learner.
    I also wanted to know whether it would be a great start from me or not. as per career concern being a recruiter can I grow and touch the sky.

  2. THIS THIS A THOUSAND TIMES THIS. People used to talk about burnout. Well, it’s a real thing.

    I have online friends in Europe, and once we were talking about that very issue in a chat room. They asked us how much vacation Americans usually got. We told them it depends on the job, but generally a week or two to start. The friend in Paris said, “That’s barbaric!”

    I agree with her. 😛

  3. We’re human. . . Businesses that treat employees like machines forget that even machines need downtime and maintenance! So we’re glad to hear you’ve put the knowledge TO YOUR OWN BENEFIT and had a lovely vacation yourself! And we’ll be looking forward to those refreshed insights in your upcoming posts ;-).

    Maintenance needs include vacation, feedback and encouragement, and feeling the purpose of one’s efforts.

    Here’s to vacation, refreshment, and a cheerful walk at lunch or break time!

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