Crazy interview stunts that worked (and some that didn’t)

Have you ever thought about doing something crazy and off the wall to land a job? CareerBuilder surveyed over 2000 hiring managers and HR people and asked them to share the most memorable interview method that actually worked. The candidates that did these things were actually hired:

To read the stunts (and roll your eyes), click here: Crazy interview stunts that worked (and some that didn’t)

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2 thoughts on “Crazy interview stunts that worked (and some that didn’t)

  1. I was interviewed in Spanish for a job that required Spanish, but it was the interviewer’s idea, not mine. (Not that I disagree.)

    As far as the equipment repair – if that was part of the job, then it wasn’t a stunt at all – it was showing the ability to do the job!

  2. Frankly speaking, I can’t even imagine how desperately a candidate wants this job if he has guts to resort to such extreme methods. However, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use the ways listed in the article under any circumstances. Yes, it IS difficult to stand out in an interview, but there’s a fair chance that you’ll distinguish yourself as a nut-case rather than a professional if you decide to use a stunt!

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