How to use Twitter to look for work

Job-seekers are familiar with sites such as, Careerbuilder or LinkedIn as places to look for work online. But have you tried Twitter?

Gozaik, a startup that uses the social network to link employers, recruiters and job hunters, is touting Twitter as a way to energize your job search. According to the firm:

  • More than 500,000 social job announcements are released on Twitter each month
  • More than 15 new jobs are posted on Twitter a minute
  • The average number of jobs on Twitter has grown by nearly 32 percent in just six months

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2 thoughts on “How to use Twitter to look for work

  1. The one downside I would mention here is that many companies automate the posting of jobs to Twitter to the point of spam. My personal strategy, and it goes for any situation where are attempting to sell something – yourself or your company’s services, is to use social media to build that relationship on a personal level first.

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